Michael McGuire showed up to a UK basketball game right after working at his job as a coal miner. John Calipari wanted to give the
family something special.
PIKEVILLE, Ky. — The University of Kentucky Blue-White
scrimmage was held over the weekend and a picture tweeted by the
head coach has gone viral.
Many parents have rushed from work to be somewhere, often in
their work clothes.

Michael McGuire, a miner, did just that when he went to the
scrimmage in Pikeville.
While most fans were in blue or white, McGuire was still in his
work clothes, covered in coal dust having gone from the coal mines
to be at the game with his family.
“It was either go straight there or miss half the game to go home
and take a shower and everything,” McGuire said.
McGuire wanted to be there as his son, Easton, experienced his first
Kentucky basketball game and take in every moment.
The McGuire family could be seen several times in the broadcast,
but there was one picture that caught the eye of head coach John
Calipari tweeted out the picture, saying the photo hit home for him
because his parents started the American dream in the coal mines
of West Virginia. The coach also offered his family VIP tickets to a
game this season.
McGuire didn’t find out about the instant fame because he was
underground working in the mine.
McGuire was overwhelmed and humbled by the way the Big Blue
nation rallied to find him and Easton was enjoying every minute of
“He’s jumping up and down. He’s very excited,” McGuire said.
McGuire met Calipari on Monday, saying it was an awesome
The VIP game will be Easton’s first game ever and McGuire’s second
game overall, giving the family another special memory together.