The new king of late night Greg Gutfeld went all in on Joy Behar of The
View and he didn’t need to say very much. This short video clip shows a
little bit about what Joy Behar was saying, then cuts to the part where Greg
Gutfeld issues what could be a response. Except, he didn’t say much, he just
showed a tiny video clip and then laughter broke out as he and Tyrus were
all smiles.
And that was all they needed to see! A large cow flying across the road was
supposed to be a reference to Joy Behar and people were crac king up
laughing out lo ud! Some people might comment that they thought it was
Lizzo, but nope, this is not about Lizzo and her ou trageous or hor-rific
outfits. This is all about Joy Behar and even Greg Gutfeld’s face looked like
he was trying so hard not to laugh, but go ahead Greg – you can laugh at
anything you want when you’re the ratings king of late night!
How well is Gutfeld doing? Well, Gutfeld’s ratings are beating Stephen
Colbert and that was a big achievement! Just last month, in August, Gutfeld
was sweeping all of the broadcast late-night hosts, CBS’ Stephen Colbert,
NBC’s Jimmy Fallon, and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel with late-night show
“Gutfeld!” Fox News Channel host, Greg Gutfeld, had his highest-rated week
ever. “Gutfeld!” delivered an average total audience of 2.355 million
viewers for the week ending August 12, outpacing “The Late Show with
Stephen Colbert” (2.143 million viewers), “The Tonight Show with Jimmy
Fallon” (1.318 million viewers), and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” (1.084 million
Furthermore, dominating among adults 25-54, the key demographic valued
by national advertisers, “Gutfeld!” also led among younger viewers. An
average audience of 397,000 viewers is what the Fox News show delivered,
followed by CBS’ Colbert (373,000 viewers), NBC’s Fallon (372,000 viewers)
and ABC’s Kimmel (264,000 viewers). Besting Colbert in head-to-head
matchups when both hosts had original episodes four nights out of the
week, the Fox News win marks the third full week Gutfeld has led as the
king of late night.
According to ratings data compiled by Nielsen, “Gutfeld!” easily
outdistanced against the cable news competition, including MSNBC’s “The
11th Hour with Stephanie Ruhle” (1.381 million viewers and 186,000 total viewers and 146,000 in the key demo), per Forbes.
“I’m interested in pulling people in who want to have a good time and are
open to stuff, but a lot of it is just we-ird stuff from me,” Gutfeld said
recently when asked about his ratings success. Also, Gutfeld has
distinguished himself from Stewart on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,”
with his trademark irreverence thus: Whereas he labels Stewart as a “cutand-dried progressive,” Gutfeld describes himself as more along the lines
of “a weirdo.” “I’m not interested in being anybody’s ideological f-oe. I’m a
cla-ss cl-own, who every now and then has a piece of wisdom,” Gutfeld
In simple words: More viewers are watching Gutfeld and his nightly
panelists than anything on CNN and MSNBC. One of the panelists on
“Gutfeld!” include Kat Timpf, who’s now the highest-profile woman in latenight comedy, following TBS’ cancellation of “Full Frontal with Samantha