James, who was talking to his business partner and childhood friend
Maverick Carter on Instagram Live, casually mentioned his new allegiance.
WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some
viewers may find
“I ain’t heard you talk s*** about the Cowboys in a long time,” Carter said
in the clip. “I mean, maybe since like 1997 or something. You still a
Cowboys fan?”
“Nah, man,” James said. “I had to pull out on the Cowboys, man. It’s just a
lot of things that was going on when guys were kneeling (for the national
anthem) and guys were having freedom of speech and wanted to do it in a
very peaceful manner.”
Interestingly, it’s worth noting that James was speaking with a lisp during
this clip. Whether it was something as innocuous as removing a retainer or
whether he was chewing tobacco, his speech definitely sounded different
than what most NBA fans are used to.
“A lot of people in [the Cowboys’] front office and a lot of people that ran
the organization, they were like, ‘If you do that around here, then you
would never play for this franchise again,’” James said. “I just didn’t think
that was appropriate.”
“Makes total sense,” Carter said.
But does it?
Listen, say whatever you want about him and the leftist nonsense he tends
to peddle, but objectively speaking, James is one of the best players in NBA
history. Objectively speaking, again, James is also one of the absolute worst
kinds of sports fans you will ever find: the fair-weather fan.

Depending on who’s winning, James has been a noted New York Yankees,
Los Angeles Dodgers, Cleveland Indians (now Guardians) and Chicago Cubs
He’s not much better when it comes to the NFL, as he’s been a noted
Cowboys, Cleveland Browns (James is from Akron, Ohio, and claims they
are replacing the Cowboys for him), and Los Angeles Rams fan at various
And the less said about James’ allegiances to NBA teams, the better for his
There are very few acceptable circumstances for switching team
allegiances, such as a team leaving a city or an owner committing a crime
(owner incompetence is not grounds for switching team allegiances, save
for the most egregious of cases.)
But all jokes aside, James’ reasoning for disavowing the Cowboys is a major
issue in and of itself. Especially coming from an NBA megastar who seems
mighty cozy with China.
You know, China — where, if your boss tells you to stand for the national
anthem, instead of a threat of firing, it’s basically a threat of death (or at
least a threat of a swift and mysterious removal.)
One last quibble: James claimed he has a new team to replace the Cowboys.
“I’m all in on the Browns,” James said.
For those keeping track: NFL teams requiring their players to stand for the
national anthem? Horrible, according to James. NFL teams signing
someone accused of over 24 sexual misconduct allegations? Worth
cheering for, per James.