John Candy was a beloved actor. When the iconic actor passed, thousands around the world mourned the loss of the comedic actor who lit up screens for a big part of his life!

John Candy was not just an actor but also someone who was conscientious about helping those around him. The beloved actor was also a father of two and a doting husband, unfortunately, he was not able to see his children grow up as he died fairly young.

Candy was born in Canada and lost his dad when he was young himself. Before setting his sights on an acting career, Candy was on his way to becoming a football player before an injury halted his career. After his injury, he decided to pursue a career in acting and journalism instead.

After he decided to become an actor, he was incredibly successful. His filmography is very impressive with titles such as, “Splash,” “Planes, Trains & Automobiles,” “Uncle Buck,” “Home Alone,” “JFK,” “Cool Runnings,” and “Wagons East.”

Once his career in show business was working out well, the actor decidedly focused on his love life. He was set up on a blind date with Rosemary Margaret Harbor. After the date, he sought her help with writing a script; something she had no experience with.

Soon after their first date, the couple married in 1979 and were together till Candy’s death.

She was a solid presence in her husband’s life, always giving him the support he needed with his work. As much as Candy worked on his craft, he famously never watched any of his performances back even if just to review his work.

He never went to premieres either. His only source of fan reaction was his wife attending movie screenings on his behalf and narrating the fans’ reactions to him later on.

Following her husband’s death, she focused on her career as a ceramics expert. She has a studio based in her native home of California.

As for her children with John Candy, both of them followed in their father’s footsteps and ventured into the world of show business.

Their daughter Jennifer Candy describes herself as an “actor and artist.” She is a mother to a young boy named Finley and has an active Instagram profile with thousands of avid followers.

Her brother Christopher Candy is not as popular on Instagram but also has a similar career. He describes his career as playing music and acting.

Since their father passed away when he was just 43 years old, the two children were not able to spend a lot of time with their father since they were fairly young when he passed.

However, through the study of his work as an actor, and an innate talent they found within themselves, they were able to carve our fairly successful careers in Hollywood.

The two have not been shy to admit they have on occasion used their famous last names to land a few roles.

While they do admit to it, they know this is not the only reason they land roles. They also have a lot of merit as actors and also look just like their late father. Christopher talked about how he has been confused about his father’s younger brother because of the incredible resemblance he bears to him.