King Charles has now been monarch for almost two months following the passing of Queen Elizabeth. Of course Charles, alongside wife Camilla, has been preparing to take on the role of King for years. According to recent polls, he’s growing in popularity with the British public.

Suffice it to say that Charles hasn’t always been the most liked person where the public are concerned. A new ITV documentary, Charles: Our New King, covers how the King had a very tough time in school when he was young.

Not only were other children unkind to him – but they reportedly even hit him and pulled his ears.

Taking over after the illustrious reign after Queen Elizabeth was never going to be an easy task given the Queen’s popularity. Now, though, it seems as though Charles’s own popularity has grown substantially.

According to a new poll (published by the Daily Mail) the British public have been left impressed with King Charles since he ascended the throne. When asked if their view on Charles had changed since he became King, 24 percent said they had a higher opinion of him than before. Moreover, a poll found that 58 percent of the British people believe he will be a good King.

All in all, 48 percent of the country have a favorable view of King Charles, while 33 percent have no opinion or aren’t sure. Only 13 percent said they have an unfavorable opinion of their new king.

Now, one might think that royal life is a walk in the park. It’s important to remember, however, that deep down the royals are people just like you and me. They love and hurt like us; experience joy and sadness and struggle. That also goes for King Charles, who by all accounts had a tough time of things growing up.

Over the years, Charles has created a very close bond with his grandchildren. When looking at pictures of him with them, it’s easy to see the love he has for them.

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King Charles is a proud grandfather of five: William and Kate’s three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, and Harry and Meghan’s two children, Archie and Lilibet. Unfortunately, he hasn’t had the opportunity to spend too much time with the latter two as they live in the US.

Even so, Charles has proven himself to be a fun and engaging grandpa. He even has his nickname: “Grandpa Wales.”

“It’s a different part of your life. The great thing is to encourage [grandchildren],” Charles told The Telegraph about being a grandfather in 2013.

“Show them things to take their interest. My grandmother did that, she was wonderful. It is very important to create a bond when they are very young.”

When Louis arrived in 2018, he said: “It’s is a great joy to have another grandchild, the only trouble is I don’t know how I am going to keep up with them.”

When King Charles turned 70, Camilla spoke about her beloved husband in a BBC documentary. She explained that the children adore him, and he isn’t afraid to open up.

“He will get down on his knees and crawl about with them for hours — you know, making funny noises and laughing,” Camilla explained.

“We had a picture the other day with Louis pulling on his hair, and he’s not one of those people who says ‘take your hand away’. He loves it.”

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