As someone fortunate enough to grow up in a loving family, with a mother and father who were present throughout the entirety of my childhood and a stable home where I knew I was safe and loved, I can only imagine how difficult it is not have those things.

Of course, there are thousands of less fortunate children over the world, those who for one reason or another, don’t have their natural birth parents to look after them. Some find themselves living with relatives, but others find themselves hoping to be adopted into a family to call their own.

Siblings William (11), Marshall (10), and Aiden (10), know this latter feeling only too well. The three brothers are reportedly desperate to find a home that will take all of them in together.

Twins Marshall and Aiden, and their older brother, Bobby, go by the nicknames Curly, Larry, and Moe. According to Partnerships for Children, they play as only brothers can, and they most enjoy sharing things together.

Sadly, the boys are looking for their forever home, and don’t want to be separated in the process.

To that end, their searching for the right family to take them in, stating simply “we want a family!”.

As per Partnerships for Children, Bobby can be quieter than his younger brothers, and strives to please others. His interests include swimming and martial arts, while he also enjoys playing Minecraft and doing puzzles.

Aiden, meanwhile, is described as a “leader of sorts”, and is said to love being outside and learning new things. His twin, Marshall, is a fun-loving boy with a creative imagination who enjoys spending time with his two brothers.

Partnerships for Children say the boys will “best benefit from a two-parent home with a mom and a dad and no other children. Their forever family will be dedicated to the boys and will stress the importance of the sibling relationship.”

When asked what his brothers meant to him, Marshall, 10, said: “They mean friendship to me.”

Aiden, meanwhile, said: “They mean love.”

Aiden also told how the brothers are tired of living at a boys ranch and being forced to move from place to place.

“I’ve been here for three years,” he explained. “I had to move from one house to another, and the first house I had to move rooms. I’ve been there (at the ranch) way longer that these two. I got here first.”

My heart goes out to these boys, and I really hope they can find a family that is ready and willing to take them in.

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