It will be a month since I have met a woman. I’m a young guy, I have just graduated from university and now I’m working, but I’m dating a woman who is of my grandmother’s age, maybe there is twenty year’s or more difference between us. But there is no other option, surely you would do the same. If you know what is in between, you won’t blame me.

This woman has a lot of money and a few houses, but she has no one by her side, she is alone. I found out by chance that she was looking for a husband and I decided to take a risk and meet her. She is a well-educated person. She liked me at the first sight, but she doubted me.

She says, ”I don’t believe that you fell in love with me, but I know how to be very attractive when it comes to a woman”. Now we meet, I stay at her house. When my friends found out, they laughed and said, “You must be crazy, what are you doing?” But let them say whatever they want, after all, there is a well-known saying that love does not ask for age.