When I told my neighbours that I love my daughter-in-law very much, they laughed at me, but very few people know what my daughter-in-law did for me.

I got sick a few years ago, I’m good now, but I still need help. At that time, from the very first day, my daughter-in-law took care of me, she took care of me in the hospital, then brought me home, changed my clothes, bathed me, dressed me, prepared two kinds of meals so that I could eat, she was by my side in every question and did not leave me alone.

And my daughter, just came to the hospital several times, brought just a few things and that was it, but not once did she come to dress me or help me with something. My daughter-in-law did it.

Now, after what she has done for me, how can I not appreciate her? Let people know and learn, if you relate well, then you get the same answer.