A few days ago, I had to go somewhere in a hurry, somehow I quickly got ready for work and left. I don’t like to use taxis, my boyfriend doesn’t allow me, he says that any kind of people can be behind the wheel and you can’t know what they will do. It was quite late at that time, but I had no choice, I had to go by taxi, I had an important meeting, I couldn’t be late.

I called a taxi, sat down and noticed the driver’s strange look at once, but I didn’t pay attention. He said: Can turn off the navigator, then continue on the road, I was scared and did not agree. I quickly sent my data to my girlfriend, because I thought that this person could do anything.

He was constantly looking at me, I felt that he was unnecessarily prolonging the trip. I already started to feel uncomfortable, I called my girlfriend so that he at least thought that they were waiting for me. When we got there, I noticed that I left so fast that I forgot my wallet at home and I didn’t know how to pay that person, I was in a business meeting, I couldn’t ask my colleague. I looked and told him to give me a bank card account so that I could pay at least that way in the evening.

That scum looked at me, locked the doors and said that it didn’t matter, I could pay him in another way. I realized where this was going and quickly took out a knife from my bag and said that if he touched me with a finger, I would kill him on the spot. I also dialed the police number on my phone and said that I would not wait even a second, I was a lawyer and I could do everything to put him in jail. He got scared, opened the doors, I got out. One of my friends was waiting near the building, I asked him for money, threw the scum in his face and left.