I love my mother very much, I understand what she did for me, how she took care of me and raised me. I don’t know where my mind was that I agreed with my wife to take my mother to the nursing home. Her absence was a lesson for me, I started thinking about the life I lived and now I blame myself every day, I go to the nursing home to convince my mother and bring her home.

She is upset with me and doesn’t want to come with me. She tells me that it’s better there, they care more about her and love her more than we. It was my wife’s fault, she said the same thing every day that she couldn’t live with my mother, they fought with each other and stuff like that. Well, I didn’t want to lose my family either, after all, I barely got married.

My children also will suffer in the end. I hope my mother will understand and forgive me, otherwise I will feel guilty my whole life.