I can’t hold this anymore, I’m afraid, tell me what to do. My husband’s shameless friend comes to our house every time, as soon as my husband is away for a night. Every time he comes knocking on my door, every time he invents a lie, once he said that my husband sent him, once he said I have something to take from here, once he said I need help.

I’m afraid to tell my husband, I think he won’t believe me, he’ll immediately blame me, he’ll say why does my friend come to our house when I’m not at home, maybe you gave him an opportunity. But I never gave him an opportunity, I’m so rude to that friend that once my husband said noticed it and told me not to be so rude.

But last night, that shameless man came and pulled my hand, saying “I can’t stand it, I have to steal you, I’ve been restraining myself for so long, but I can’t, I love you”. I was completely blown away. I run away and I called my husband, he came and saved me and said some not good word to his “friend”.