Becoming a mother is a special time for a mother. It doesn’t matter if it’s her first time or if she has multiple children already; the moment always remains special.

This mother from Utah not only defied all expectations but also defied all odds by giving birth to not two but three identical babies at the same time!

Audrey Tiberius was in her forties but still dreamt of having more children. Her doctors told her it was nearly impossible for her to conceive again but in her heart, she knew it would happen.

At 41, she visited a fertility expert who recommended In vitro fertilization (IVF) but also warned her that at her age the chances of success were still 10%. She later shared, “They said, ‘I’m sorry, your eggs are too old.’ We did three rounds of in vitro, and they all failed.”

Audrey and her husband, Tyler Tiberius, were both 41 and disappointed that their three attempts at IVF had resulted in nothing. However, the couple still had their four Marcus, James, Christian, and Max and decided to feel content in that.

However, in her heart, Audrey still held out hope and prayed for a big family. She said, “I prayed and prayed for five years to have more children because I always wanted a really big family, and seven was kind of my number.”

When she was 45 years old, she felt something was up with her body. And soon she found she was pregnant! The news was a joyous one for the family who celebrated it immediately.

When they visited a doctor, Audrey got the second surprise, she was not just expecting one baby as they had thought but she was expecting three! Audrey recalls, “There’s no way to explain it other than a miracle. What a gift from God!”

Because of her age, Audrey was at high risk for miscarriage and was scared of what might happen. She prayed for her safety and decided to trust herself, and thankfully nothing happened.

In March 2022, Sky, River, and Bay joined the Tiberius family. They completed the ideal family for their mother who always dreamt of having seven children!

And Audrey for her part is a committed mom. She breastfeeds her babies, changes their nappies, burps them, clothes them and much more. While she tends to keep a smile on her face throughout, she admits that at times it can get hard.

She said, “It’s a little crazy sometimes when we can’t tell who’s who because they’re across the room. They just look so much alike.”

While having seven children was always her ideal number, Audrey has not ruled out the possibility of adding to her brood further. When asked whether they would have more kids, she said, “Maybe we’re not done. Who knows?”

She is a strong advocate of honest interactions with doctors in regard to their fertility, she said, “Doctors need to talk to women about fertility and what their options are to save them heartache.”

She grew emotional talking about the three new additions to her family, saying that she hoped everyone was able to have the babies they desired. And coming from someone who struggled for a while, it makes it all the sweeter.