We are married for a year. And my husband decided to go to work abroad. We didn’t get married with love and we don’t have strong bond that’s why I knew that our relationships wouldn’t be strong.

He went about his business, and I stayed here alone.

My husband left and we started to communicate very rarely. He almost didn’t call, he wasn’t interested in me at all.

And at some point I started to feel attention towards me from our neighbour. Jack never missed an opportunity to come and talk to me.

As soon as he was outside the house, he would come home and ask something irrelevant. We slowly started to like each other, now I take risks every now and then, either I bring him to my flat.

That day I went to the store. I had to buy some food. Probably our neighbors didn’t notice me and they started to speak about my relationship with Jack.

I was shy. In fact, they have already seen these and have doubts. And it is very easy to reveal those doubts. I don’t know what to do that my husband don’t know about this incident.