My mother-in-law is a good woman, hasn’t given me a reason to complain about her yet. But I don’t call her ”Mom” and I know she’s upset about it. I have decided to surprise her on her birthday. It was a very memorable day.

My mother-in-law and I stayed home alone. I went to get a cake, but my mother-in-law didn’t know about it. When 12 o’clock came, I walked up to her with the cake, candles, song and balloons. It really came out of the blue, she wasn’t expecting it at all. And at that moment I said ”Blow the candles mom”.

You can see in the pictures how happy she was. She won’t forget this day. Can you imagine, in the middle of the night we sat down and ate cake and drank coffee, and during the day we talked so much, we are very close now. I started calling her mom, too, and I can see that everything is perfect with us.