It has been a long time that my daughter-in-law’s room smells awful. I had to go up to the room with my nose closed. She does not let me in the room and I have told her a thousand times, I will clean your room if you do not want, and get rid of this smell. She does not even let me near the door, always locks the door of the room, so no one comes in.

This disgusting smell became so strong that one day I decided to sneak into the room to see what it was.

My daughter-in-law wasn’t home, she was with the baby, and I found the key, opened the door, and fainted. The room was a bit very messy, my ironed folded clothes were falling out of the closet, used baby diapers, lay wrapped around the bed.

I so photographed the whole room, some things I quickly gathered, threw away, washed all the clothes again, cleaned, tidied up, photographed so I could show my son.