We have a rich grandfather in our street, and he’s stalking me. I have lived in this street for two years now. I got married, moved here with my husband, now we live separately.

We have a nice rich grandfather who lives alone in our street.
I think he likes me.

He called me to his house to help him with something, from the beginning I thought grandpa needed help, but then I realized he just called me to talk and spend time with me.

He called me to his house. I went and sat down, and he asked if we could have a glass of wine. I said yes. He asked about my husband, what I had found in him, that I needed a rich and mature man to provide everything for me, I understood what was going on and I got up and left.

I don’t go to his house after that. I told my husband everything.
Lately he has started giving gifts, flowers, candy, and things like that. I think I can make friends with him, get more gifts, and make him buy me a car. I told about this to my husband and he also thinks I can do it, and it will be great if that grandpa buys me a car.