We had been in contact with my loved one, since high school, he went into the army, and the war started a few months before he was discharged. He survived the war, stayed on the border to the end, fought the enemy, but was severely wounded on his last day. He was wounded several times during the war, but did not leave his position.

So his wounds deepened, not only that, but he was wounded even more seriously. In short, he had to spend several months in the hospital and then do exercises to repair his spine. When my parents found out, they started arguing with me about whether you wanted to spend your life with an invalid, it would be difficult for you. See that I didn’t listen to them said it was either us or that guy.

I chose my loved one, I could not leave him in that difficult moment, I helped him, I was by his side every minute, we overcame it together, I do not regret it for a second, and now we are married, soon we will have a child.