I lived my whole life with my stepmom. I was ten years old when my mom died. It was very hard for me, and two years after my mother died, my father remarried.

I didn’t like his wife, and she always treated me very badly. Then when my stepsister was born, I realized that everyone’s attention was on her and everyone forgot about me.

My stepmom did everything for her daughter, she often scolded me and wouldn’t let me play with her.

And when I complained to my dad, he would hug me and say that I was just jealous. But he didn’t understand that I had lost my mother and it was very hard for me.

When I grew up, I dreamed of getting married and leaving home. But I also feared that a worse fate would befall me if I thought only about marriage and didn’t think about my career.

I went to college, graduated, and got a job. I started coming home late and everything seemed fine.

One day I met my love and soon we got married. Now everything is fine with me.