A few days ago I was home alone with the baby. I went shopping with the baby. I took what I need and went to the checkout line. I stood in line with the baby. Finally my turn came up. I was sure I had enough money.

But it turned out that I hadn’t taken enough money. I got embarrassed.
So I started to remove a few things from the groceries and the grandpa, who was in line behind me, said: “wait, sweet girl.”

He went to the cash register and paid the amount I was short.

I said it wasn’t necessary, I really just left my money at home.

I was very ashamed, I accepted the help, I had no other choice, but my heart was terribly full.

I even cried when I got home. You really don’t see anything like that these days. I was very excited. I wished I could find this grandfather and thank him somehow.