Our parents do so much for us and never ask for anything in return.

These four sisters decided they wanted to surprise their parents with a thoughtful and unbelievable surprise.

The transformation they pulled off is impressive – but seeing the work that went into it is even more incredible!

Karen and Chip Schoonover are loving parents from Conway, South Carolina. Their four daughters are all grown up, and it’s clear that the couple did a great job raising these girls!

When Karen and Chip went on vacation for a week, the girls came together to give their home an extreme makeover in secret – and the final result is spectacular!

No sooner had their parents pulled out of the driveway, the girls got to work making changes to the family home.

Their first step was to declutter. And with 30 year’s worth of accumulated family clutter, this was no small feat!

Not everything in the house got to stay…

Next up was a fresh coat of paint all around the house. That wallpaper definitely looks like it was ready to go!

The girls weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty!

The sisters worked endlessly for 6 days to get everything ready for when their parents returned home. They fixed everything right down to the very last detail, and had a whole plan in place for how they would surprise Karen and Chip.

Finally, the time came for them to reveal their hard work to their mom and dad.

Karen and Chip arrived home with no idea what was waiting for them…

Before they even set foot in the house, Karen noticed that the yard and the outside of the house had been cleared up, but once they stepped inside and saw the rest of their daughters’ handy work, their reactions were pure gold!

Just look what they managed to pull off!

Check out the sisters’ hard work – and the before and after photos – in the adorable home video below!

What an incredible job! These sisters really show how far teamwork can get you.

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