I already have quite a lot of experience in my field. I’m a gynecologist and, naturally, my patients are women who come to me with all kinds of issues. The most common problem, of course, is infertility. Very often I am approached by newlyweds who want to get pregnant.

I should note that when planning a pregnancy, it is very important for a woman to come for a checkup together with her husband.
One day I had to see a patient who had been married for several months and was not getting pregnant. I saw that she came with her father-in-law and mother-in-law.

Naturally, during the consultation I had to ask the wife very personal questions that her husband’s parents should not know. It was obvious that the girl was very uptight and tense. First of all, I said that the husband should come with the girl, not her parents-in-law, much less her father-in-law.

I asked them out of the office and told them to wait outside.

I said that if you do not get pregnant in a year, then go to the doctor again, although you can and preventively, that now it is very desirable that you and your husband to be examined and plan to have a baby .

This is more correct and is a guarantee of having a healthy baby. I saw them off and told them that I would see them and we would talk in detail.

I want everyone to know that it is up to the couple to go to the doctor. That it is not about the in-laws.