Being taken from your parents and placed in a foster home as a child can be very tough. If you are also separated from your siblings, it immediately becomes even worse.

You may have to move from family to family and never feel at home.

In a perfect world, no child would have to end up in foster care, but unfortunately, this is a reality for far too many children.

Although we often hear about children who end up in foster care, some families walk that extra mile to make children feel like part of the family.

Christopher and Christina Sanders are parents of a family of 5, but have found it in their hearts to make space for foster children still.

Members of a church community, the couple made a vow to never separate families while caring for foster children.

It, of course, grabbed the attention of the media back in 2017 when the family then accepted 6 blood-related siblings.

Christina and Christopher Sanders adopted Coby, Chloe, Cayley, Caleb, Christian, and Carson, and they also have five biological children

Undeterred, the Sanders graciously accepted the children into their home. The parents clearly understand the importance of a healthy and safe childhood.

”We get a lot of people asking us how we do it,” Christopher said and added: ”We just make it work. Just do whatever it is that needs to be done.”

Some are said to have been concerned and thought there would be problems when the family adopted children of different skin colors.

But Christina and Christopher dismissed it as bullshit; they said it doesn’t matter what color the children in their family are.

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What a wonderful family. It warms my heart to see all these kids so happy and safe.

We need more people in the world like Christopher and Christina Sanders. What a better world it would be. Bless this family and always keep it filled with love, light and the angels!