One man from Cuba just got his first pay check as an American, and it has him rejoicing! This is one inspiring story that will remind you how wonderful it is that this country is a place where people are free to pursue their dreams.

Yoel Diaz immigrated to the United States last year to join his wife in the country. While he was living in Cuba, he was working as a computer science teacher and made $12 a month.

Recently, Yoel started working as a seasonal worker for UPS.

“Everything was new to him [such as] applying – he didn’t know what a resume was. The job interview, everything,” shared Yoel’s wife, Marissa Diaz of Phoenix, Arizona.

And when Yoel got his first paycheck from UPS, he was ecstatic!

“This is my first hourly paycheck that I feel every hour counted,” Yoel shared. “That every hour of work has importance in my life and that I know I can work hard for something. I can’t compare that emotion with anything. Because I never had that in my country.”

Marissa shared a video of her husband’s special moment online, and it went viral. “It was a very special moment for him,” she said. “For the first time, he has the opportunity to dream.”

First Pay Check As American Has Yoel Diaz Rejoicing
Here is the caption that Marissa shared online with the video of her husband opening up his UPS paycheck.

“First paycheck in AMERICA!!! This is the American dream!!! There are no words to describe how proud I am of your courage to enter a country and a culture that is not yours. This content is a mini documentary not only for us but dedicated to the many immigrants who sacrifice everything to film what we just filmed. A little bit at a time, with hard work and dedication anything is possible in this country.”

How inspiring to see this reaction to something that so many Americans take for granted every day. The opportunity here is what so many people around the world long for!

“We want a future, we want a family,” said Yoel when talking about his dream. “This time, I finally can dream-I can help my family and this is the first step in my new life where I can be whoever I want now.”

God bless Yoel and his family as they chase after their American dream!