Taylor Swift is one of those megastars who has a huge fandom. Her fans adore her because of her positivity and great hits.

Though Taylor has an Instagram account with more than 200 million followers she also has an app called Swift Life where she shares the latest news, photos, and videos and her fans adore the app.

Recently one of the fan’s mothers managed to contact Taylor. The megastar is known for her great love for her fans and she has helped many fans with various problems till now.

Stephanie is Taylor’s great fan and she had problems recently. The girl and her partner had to sell their flat for health and other issues and stayed homeless. Besides, her partner lost his job and they had various problems to solve. Stephanie was pregnant and she had to spend the cutest time of her life without a home.

So when Stephanie’s mother told Taylor their sad story the kind-hearted star decided to help them. She visited her fan which was a great and pleasant surprise and gifted them with a house. Taylor wanted that her fan and her future baby girl didn’t suffer from trivial problems but to have a happy and safe life.