This might sound odd, but it realy happend. Li Ching-Yuen was a man who lived for a very long time, as indicated by a Time magazine article from 1933.

There were Imperial Chinese government records found from 1827 complimenting Li for his 150th birthday celebration. Also, in 1877, further records that were found praise him for his 200th birthday celebration.

A New York Times journalist from 1928 composed that numerous elderly individuals people in Li’s area asserted that their grandparents knew Li when they were small kids, which around then, Li was at that point old.

Li Ching-Yuen started his vocation as a clinical spices healer when he was 10 years of age. He gathered the clinical spices in the mountains and found out about their power and their advantages. When he was 40 years of age, his menu was made generally of Reishi Mushrooms, Goji Berry, Wild Ginseng, rice and the sky is the limit from there.

When he was 71 years of age, in 1749, he turned into a hand to hand fighting coach in the chinese armed force. As indicated by the reports he was an exceptionally beloved person locally. He was hitched multiple times and had in excess of 200 children!

He concentrated on perusing and writing in an early age, and before his tenth birthday celebration previously figured out how to visit Xansu, Shanxi, Tibet, Anam, Siam, and Manchuria – where he learned and gathered numerous spices. This was his essential occupation for quite a long time, after which he began selling clinical spices.

One of Li’s devotees claims he wasn’t the main individual who matured over 200 years. Further more, as indicated by a similar adherent, there was a 500 year-elderly person who showed him Qi Gong works out, and exhorted him about his nutritiens to assist him with expanding his life.

When he was in his deathbed, Li said that he did all that he needed to do in this world. Maybe those words were the solution to his long life. When he was asked what’s the key to long carrying on with life, that’s what li said “having a tranquil heart, sitting like a turtle, strolling like a pigeon and resting like a canine”, will do it.

Li told these things to Wu Peifu, the chinese warlord, who went into Li in his home to gain proficiency with the mystery for his long life. Li’s viewpoint was that a peaceful soul along with legitimate breathing activities are the answer for long life. And, surprisingly, however his sustenance assumed a significant part in his solitary life, Li attributed the mysterious more to an individual’s psychological state.

There are a few cynics, obviously, and it’s perceived thinking about that the normal life expectancy of peopl is 70-85 years, and the prospect that somebody can live for more than 200 years sounds totally nonexistent.

But it’s memorable’s vital that in the past there were people who lived with next to no type of pressure, didn’t inhale dirtied air, drank such toxics in the body like drugs, food, liquor or tabbaco.

People would invest energy in nature, learn breathing activities, perform reflection, and the blend of those work on their physical and mental state.

It very well might be noticed that gerontologists have forever have misgivings about these cases. As indicated by them, hypotheses of accomplishing longer lives by following specific methods of reasoning, diets and strict practices, which frequently surface in the east, are normally unwarranted cases – albeit the proof frequently found show in any case.