She really stole the show!

Have you seen how a few patterns from different many years are turning into a hit once more?

You see it generally in style, but it is additionally apparent in music, motion pictures, and even vehicles! A few cherished works of art always return when people love to remember them.

The Charleston is one of these patterns causing disturbances on TikTok at the present time.

It is a famous dance during the 20s known for its quick footwork and arm developments. Its ascent to distinction was in 1923 from James P. Johnson’s melody “The Charleston,” which was essential for the Broadway melodic called “Going crazy.”

They were making mark Charleston dance moves. Ksenia expressed that among the dance steps she did were the Happy Feet, Charleston 20s essential advance, Fall Off the Log, Over the Tops, and Triple Step. If you have any desire to figure out how to do these, you can look at her YouTube Channel.

At the end of the challenge, the people voted for Ksenia’s group as the winner.

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