They look so grown up!

It’s difficult to accept that it’s been a long time since Nadya Suleman, the undeniably popular “Octomum”, invited her eight infants as the world watched on in interest.

Currently a mum to six, Nadya (who presently goes by the name Natalie after freely disregarding the name Octomum) added to her brood by an unbelievable eight infants without a moment’s delay back in 2009 thanks to IVF.

Presently, on their thirteenth birthday celebration, the scandalous various mum is sharing a sweet tribute to her “uncommon and unique” children as they enter their teen years together.

Sharing a charming legacy picture of her octuplets as babies as they snuggle up with their mum and her dad Edward Suleman on the love seat.

“Cheerful thirteenth birthday celebration to Nariyah, Isaiah, Maliyah, Jeremiah, Noah, Josiah, Jonah, and Makai!,” wrote the now 46-year-old.

“You are all developing into some of the most kind, modest, appreciative and adoring individuals I have at any point known. Each of you have uncommon and unique characteristics, and are unlike some other child of your age, especially in our general public today. You are benevolent, altruistic, nonmaterialistic, and cherishing, dreading, adherents of God. I have never seen children who love and need to serve others, (especially those less lucky), so strongly and unhesitatingly like each and all of you do,” she added.

The pleased mum, who routinely shares pictures of her developing family via online entertainment, finished by saying: “You are not adherents of this shallow world, but rather of a God that made and adores you unconditionally. I don’t have any idea how I might actually have merited being honored so abundantly. I love you”

In 2008, Natalie was embedded with 12 undeveloped organisms by Dr. Michael Kamrava, a Beverly Hills fruitfulness specialist who had likewise embedded her for all six of her past IVF pregnancies with a unidentified sperm contributor.

She hit the titles all over the world and when she brought forth six young men and two young ladies – Noah, Josiah, Nariyah, Maliyah, Jonah, Jeremiah, Isaiah and Makai and marked exceptionally worthwhile arrangements to flaunt the infants, taking advantage of the interest in her incredibly intriguing different pregnancy and birth.

Nadya (Natalie) Suleman acquired reputation in 2008 when she was embedded with 12 incipient organisms and eight of them stuck!

But life wasn’t really great for the then 33-year-old and she went to liquor, drugs, had a fleeting vocation in pornography and hit rock bottom financially. At a certain point she conceded she was even self-destructive from the tension.

“I have PTSD from all the columnists coming in throughout the long term,” she as of late told The New York Times. “I would take anything that I might move in the days, and I would give them access. I was spiraling down a dark opening. There were no sound open doors for Octomom. I was doing what I was let to do and talking about know I told to say. When you’re claiming to be something you’re not, basically for me, you wind up falling all over.”

Many addressed how the children would turn out as they all live in a small three-bedroomed house and some have to rest on the lounge chair – but she’s stunned everybody!

The holidays can potentiate feelings of precious memories from the past, both pleasant and painful. My heart aches for those of you who are suffering this holiday season. If you have lost a loved one, particularly during the devastating pandemic, and this is your first holiday season without them, you are not alone; I feel your pain.
I pray for your peace of mind, and that you find hope in a seemingly hopeless season, as no season lasts forever.
I believe that reflecting upon what we have, rather than remaining preoccupied with what we have not, produces feelings of gratitude and internal joy.

Natalie is likewise mother to Elijah, 20, Amerah, 19, Joshua, 17, Aiden, 16, and twins Calyssa and Caleb, 14, who were additionally imagined through IVF.

The bustling mum credits a crude vegetarian diet with how polite all her children are and says that she has now evaded the spotlight in a bid to steadily raise them all.

“My children don’t become ill, and neither do I,” she told The NY Times. “From Day 1, I’ve been giving them good food all the time. I can’t stand cooking. I’m not homegrown.”

She adds, “They’re the main enduring eight octuplets in the history of humanity. I’ve raised them to be totally alert.”

Natalie fills in as a full-time advisor and depends on her loved ones to assist with school pick-ups and drop-offs.

The new mum had her hands full when she went from six to 14 children in only one day!

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