Singing sensation Miss Tres arrives all the way from the Philippines to share a performance on Britain’s Got Talent that surprises everyone. There’s no anticipating the deep, masculine voices that come out of these singers’ voices.

Once you realize that this group is comprised of transgender superstars, it all comes together. The group took to the BGT stage to not only showcase their performance ability but to honor a deceased group member Mia Narciso as well. Their performance of the Tom Jones hit ‘Sex Bomb’ left all astounded.

Their unique performance got them resounding yes’s from all of the judges, securing passage to the next round. Yet, this was only the beginning of their fame, as masses of fans from around the world came to know of their vibrancy & talent, giving the group quite a following online.

The group shared the following message on social media “To be honest, we did BGT not because of exposure, but to continue giving entertainment and to inspire most especially our LGBT community and above all to continue the legacy we started with our beloved brother Mia Narciso.”

Miss Tres is made up of Mavey, Mariko, and Crissy, who all work as entertainers. Each and every one of the judges could not hold back their awe or amazement, with Amanda Holden saying, “Your voices were amazing, you’re just so hot it’s unfair.”

You can’t miss the debut performance of Miss Tres on Britain’s Got Talent. Their vivid recreation of Tom Jones’ ‘Sex Bomb’ seems to be the fitting song for this hot but unusual group. The judges were shocked and equally amazed, and you will be too once you hear the first note from their talented, wonderful singers.