Pets are part of the family. They are with us almost all our lifes and always give us love and happiness. There are people who even sleep with their dog or cat, or even with their snake.

However, it is very obvious that not all pets can share a bed with you. It is fine with a dog, also with a cat, but the snake we mentioned, we are not so sure that it is a nice idea.

It is not recommended to sleep with every animal, and there is a woman who slept with her python every night, she had to learn with difficulty.

The python is usually able to stretch from foot to head.

But one day the snake suddenly stopped eating. The woman took him to her beloved veterinarian.

The veterinarian asked a few questions, but immediately realized the strange and unusual sleeping position of the two of them. Then the questions became more specific.

At that moment, the veterinarian told him a story that simply scared me. The reason Python refused to eat was because he was preparing his stomach. Or, if you prefer, take a seat in his stomach to prepare a big meal. And with a big dinner? Was that really him? Fortunately, the woman took the snake to the vet before it was too late to change anything. He had no idea that his likely snake was going to kill him and eat her.

How lucky she was! Probably this woman loved her pet too much, but she forgot that it was a snake, and when a large piece of succulent meat was lying next to her! It is quite difficult for him to resist all that.