The mysterious and beautiful nature never stop to wonder when it comes to unique friendships between two different species. This case again showed that love and affection have no boundaries.

Two orphan animals, meeting occasionally, found comfort in each other at the shelter in Ireland. Their story is a proof of a statement that it’s easier to overcome difficulties together. The little, cute rabbit was only 4-5-days-old when he appeared at the shelter. A week later arrived the newborn, weak pigeon, who was found by a lady.

The nest was on the ground, where there was a newly hatched chick. Fortunately, the chick was unharmed because of the fall. Poor animals, both were too weak, so the staff had to put them in an incubator. Unfortunately, the shelter had only one incubator, so they decided to put them together, separating them with a tiny wall.

A short time later, checking the poor creatures on, the carer witnessed a heartbreaking scene: the lovely babies were cuddling each other. Managing to tear down the tiny wall which separated them, they began to hug each other. So, they understood that life together is better than apart. From that moment on, their special friendship began. Bunny rabbit and Pidg pigeon became inseparable friends, who found warmth and comfort in each other’s company.