You know things are bad at CNN when one of its more popular new shows is canned with nary a whimper.

Actor Stanley Tucci related on Wednesday’s episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” that his show “Searching for Italy” had gotten the ax at the struggling “news” channel.

“Will there be a season 3?” Fallon asked.

“Yes, I hope there will be,” Tucci responded. “Unfortunately, CNN has canceled all of their original programming.”

Tucci did note that the prospects for his show are not completely d*ad.

“Hopefully we’ll end up on another streamer, network, we don’t know. But yes, I have plans to do season three and more.”

Variety reported that “Searching for Italy” was an “internal favorite” at CNN. After all, on a network typically filled to the brim with woke nonsense, a show that was largely apolitical must have been a breath of fresh air.

The elevator pitch for “Searching for Italy” could be “charismatic man tours beautiful Italian locations and eats delicious local cuisine.” It was simple and straightforward, and the reviews reflected that.

Sadly for Tucci and his crew, CNN pulled back on original series in October, according to Variety, citing the exorbitant costs of “commissioning third-party premium content.”

But while things are likely still looking up for “Searching for Italy” as far as finding a new home (who doesn’t enjoy beautiful views and delicious food?), its former network is struggling quite a bit.

CNN, which has been locked in a ratings fight with MSNBC for a distant second place to Fox News, can’t seem to find an identity outside of “Trump bad.”

As The New York Times reported back in August, profits have slumped at CNN as its ratings continue to fall. The Times noted that the network “is on a pace to drop below $1 billion in profit for the first time in years.”

Love him or hate him, former President Donald Trump elicited powerful emotions. CNN was able to capitalize on that during Trump’s presidency, but hasn’t found anything that has resonated with its audience nearly as much since.

Now an interesting show is paying the price.

And look, if Tucci’s admittedly self-indulgent travel show was the only casualty, perhaps you could chalk that up to a rough quarter, the utter failure that was CNN+, or any number of other reasonable excuses.

Of course, this isn’t to drum up any sympathy for CNN.

This is the bed they made, and now they have to lie in it.