Landyn Wadsworth is possibly Santa Claus’s greatest little helper. This 8-year-old girl showed how huge her heart is when she announced that she wanted nothing more than to help animals in need this Christmas.

While many children were eagerly awaiting toys and other gifts from Santa Claus, Landyn was busy thinking about how she could help the animals. Landyn did what many of her peers never dreamed of. As a Christmas present, she asked for money and used the funds raised to buy a whopping 600lbs of pet food at Tri-Cities Animal Shelter. A photo posted by the shelter on Christmas Eve shows Landyn dragging a huge bag of dog and cat supplies to the shelter. What a caring little girl!

Wadsworth first visited the shelter in 2016 to find a new member for her family. However, she felt a certain affection for all the remaining animals that did not have a cozy home to go there this Christmas. She decided she would bring them Christmas, and that’s how it all began. In 2016, young Landyn began her tradition of collecting money for Christmas and used it to buy food, blankets and treats not for pets, but for the animals at the shelter. She felt so sorry for them and just wanted to give them a holiday greeting.

Last Christmas was her third Christmas at the animal shelter. Although the years have passed, Wadsworth has never forgotten about the poor animals who want to find their home. Her mission to provide animals with a Christmas spirit and belief in miracles is invaluable. This little girl with such a big heart really sheds light with her little deeds that have the biggest impact on the shelter animals on Christmas Day.