Our smaller brothers are amazing creatures who live side by side with people, but at the same time we know almost nothing about them, and sometimes they give out such numbers that you can’t stop being surprised. This story happened at the local Indianapolis Zoo with a woman named Darcy Miller. The heroine of the story was going through a difficult rehabilitation after the misfortune that happened to her. Darcy received terrible burns as a result of a tragic accident. The woman was cleaning the backyard of her home in Chicago, after which she collected and set fire to the garbage. Darcy did not follow precautions, as a result of which she received severe burns from the gas vapors that broke out.

The woman was on the verge of life and death, she was in a coma for 9 days. The unfortunate woman had to spend 3 weeks in the hospital, go through several serious operations. Fortunately, Darcy pulled through, but after this tragic story, her body was left with scars from burns. Most of the terrible marks were on the neck and chest. The woman needed rehabilitation, which lasted for months. Doctors let Miller go home, but she had to come to the Indianapolis burn center to undergo procedures. Darcy needed to increase the mobility of her damaged arms and neck, restore the skin. This is a very long process that takes a lot of effort. Darcy’s fiance Jason wanted to cheer up his bride a little, raise her morale.

He suggested that Miller go to an exhibition of orangutans, which was taking place at the Indianapolis Zoo at that time. Darcy gladly agreed, she just needed to take her mind off the treatment at least for a while. But what happened at the zoo really shocked the woman! When Darcy approached one of the transparent cages, there was an inquisitive male named Rocky. The orangutan immediately showed interest in the woman. She began to examine her carefully, pointing her finger at tattoos, jewelry. The orangutan turned out to be very inquisitive. According to the zookeeper, the animal has always been interested in anything unusual. And this time Rocky was also closely studying the visitor of the zoo who attracted his attention.

Suddenly, the orangutan’s gaze fell on the bandages under which Darcy’s burns were hidden. Rocky pointed at them, as if asking the woman to show what was there. Darcy decided to reveal the scars. The way Rocky reacted just shocked the woman! The orangutan walked up to the mirrored partition at point-blank range, came close to the scars that opened up to him. His intelligent face clearly showed sympathy for the woman. He shifted his worried gaze to Darcy’s face, making eye contact with her. The animal looked discouraged, at the same time, there was obvious compassion for the poor fellow in the eyes of the orangutan. According to Darcy herself, she felt a special support from the animal.

The woman spent about 20 minutes with him, getting incredible pleasure from interacting with Rocky. Darcy said her life hasn’t been easy lately, there have been a lot of ups and downs. But the emotions that she received from contact with Rocky can definitely be called one of the most pleasant in the months preceding the event. Darcy said that day made her feel really good. We don’t know what was in Rocky’s head when he saw the poor woman’s scars. But it became much easier for Darcy to cope with her misfortune after meeting with an unusual animal. Isn’t that enough to call what happened a real miracle? Friends! That’s it.