The less a person has means of subsistence, the more ingenuity he has to show in order to somehow get settled in this world. Liu Lingchao is a Chinese poor man who had to completely change his life. A few years ago, a man lost his job, after which he had to move out of rented housing. The Chinese just couldn’t pay the rent. The man had to live on the street, he had no other way out. Lingchao was constantly getting wet in the rain, besides, it was difficult for him to find shelter for the night. Even if a man was looking for a suitable dry place, for example, under a bridge or in some abandoned place, there was almost always someone else there.

In China, almost 2% of the country’s population lives below the poverty line, so it’s not surprising that even for a night on the street they had to fight with the same poor. Once Liu Lingchao’s patience broke, he decided to change the situation somehow. The man took an example from a turtle or a snail, because these animals always carry their house with them. That’s just how to implement this idea to a person? Resourceful Lingchao built a mobile home from improvised materials, just ordinary garbage! To implement his idea, he used bamboo and plastic wrap. The first material provided sufficient strength to the hut, the second – protection from rain.

The small design turned out to be light and quite reliable. Of course, such a house looks very unpresentable, but that wasn’t what mattered to Lingchao. The man wanted to stop getting wet, finally find his own place to sleep. The finished structure weighs about 60 kilograms. But this is not a stationary building. Lingchao wanted to create a dwelling that could be moved as needed. A man sells empty plastic bottles to earn money, he needs to be on the move. The Chinese perfected his invention in such a way as to be able to carry his own house on his back. And the resourceful man succeeded! Now he can go on the road at any time to earn a piece of bread.

Lingchao says he can cover more than 10 kilometers a day. At the same time, the man carries everything he needs with him. Those who see Lingchao call him the snail man! After all, he carries his own house on his shoulders! The Chinese created a mobile structure from improvised materials not from a good life. But his invention allowed him to stop getting wet in the rain and fight for a dry and warm place to sleep. The house is small in size, but it has everything you need for a guy. Inside there are shelves with simple utensils, where Lingchao makes a fire and cooks food. For several years, the Chinese has already assembled 3 housing models. The first two fell apart, but during the construction of the last one, Lingchao provided for mistakes made during the assembly of past houses.

With his unusual housing, the man has already passed half the country! The Chinese says that the portable hut allows him to be mobile, not to waste time looking for a place to stay. A man sells empty bottles right next to a portable dwelling. It turns out that wherever Lingchao goes, he will always be at home! There are many pressing problems in the modern world: lack of sufficient resources and housing, poverty. Lingchao knows firsthand how a homeless person has to live below the poverty line.

But the man does not give up, he does everything possible to make his existence as easy as possible. Lingchao did not have enough resources to build a good home, but his decision can be safely called one of the best in his circumstances. That’s all friends! Share this amazing story with your friends and family. Write comments and put likes. See you soon!