We often have to establish communication, find a common language with people of a different age. The problem of the generation difference really exists, whether it will be possible to solve it in a specific situation depends on all participants of the event. This story happened to Randy Jo Amta, a mom from Indiana, who ran into a group of teenagers. A woman with young children settled in a hotel after her house flooded. It took not only financial investments, but also time to restore the home. Randy works full-time, works with the children in the evening. But in addition to her main business, she also had to arrange a move to a hotel. Of course, the woman was under a lot of stress. It was vital for her to recuperate, to have a good rest.

Staying in a hotel can seem like heaven. There is no need to clean and cook, it remains just to enjoy excellent service. That’s what Randy herself thought, only life often presents us with surprises. And not always pleasant. When Randi checked into the hotel with her children, she was really tired and exhausted with her problems. The woman just needed a rest! Mom put the kids to bed and started getting ready for bed herself. But it was not there! She heard a wild noise that simply left her no chance of a good sleep and rest. From the snatches of phrases she heard, she realized that teenagers were having fun at the hotel. What would you do if you were a tired mom? Of course, they would run out into the corridor and give a thrashing to those who made a noise.

But it is worth noting the reasonableness and patience of Randy, who was able to do otherwise. The woman did not scold the youth, she decided to talk to teenagers. Randi is convinced that any conflict can be settled peacefully by simply explaining her position. But will this approach work with teenagers? The woman went out into the corridor and saw that the doors of some rooms were ajar. She went to one of them to talk to those who were making a lot of noise. Randi wanted silence. She saw a group of young people who were having fun. Randi didn’t scold them, she said she understood their desire to enjoy life. Then the woman explained that she lives in a hotel with young children. They, like her, need rest.

Randy told the teenagers her story about the flooded house and the need to live in a hotel. The guy who opened the door apologized to the heroine of this story. After that, the calmed down woman went to her room. It would seem that the story should end there. But it’s not that simple. Randi returned to her room, the silence that followed allowed her to fall asleep. But in the morning something unexpected happened… Randi believed that she coped with the situation perfectly, was able to reach out to teenagers who showed understanding. That’s just what happened the next morning after the conversation made Mom cry… What could teenagers have done? What happened struck Randy to the core! She did not expect such an act from teenagers. It turned out that the youth belonged to the organization Future Farmers of America.

Teenagers who came from Kansas put a note under their mother’s door. When the woman read it, she couldn’t hold back her tears! The young people apologized to Randy for the noise and expressed the hope that the family home would be restored as soon as possible. And there was also $40 attached to the note! The woman was touched by such an act, because she did not ask the teenagers for financial assistance. Not only did the teenagers go into the position of a woman and stop making noise, they also tried to help her financially. Randy decided to share this story, so she posted a Facebook post. She posted a note and a brief description of what happened to her.

The publication quickly went viral, people appreciated the behavior of the youth and Randy herself, who did not make a scandal at the hotel. Users thanked the young members of the BFA organization for their gesture. Many wrote that they stopped being biased against young people after this story. It is not necessary to condemn representatives of another generation for what they are. The ability to negotiate is one of the main qualities that distinguishes us from representatives of the animal world. Let’s not forget to use it in everyday life! That’s all friends!