Melania Trump’s tenure as First Lady came to its end when Donald Trump lost the 2020 Presidential election. These days, Melania and her husband have moved to Florida, where their son, Barron, has started a new school.

Though it’s been several months since the Trump family left the White House, new information about their time in Washington is continuously being revealed.

Former White House aide Stephanie Grisham has written in a new book that the Secret Service had a very harsh nickname for Melania. Why? Because she always “remained in her tower, never descending.”

Melania Trump and the rest of the Trump family have left Washington D.C for Florida. It’s still rumored that Donald might wade into the Presidential election in 2024, though nothing has been concretely decided yet.

For now, the Trump family is calling his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida home. Barron Trump has started his new school, the Oxbridge Academy, where the former President’s youngest son is sure to have a great time.

A spokesperson for the private school confirmed that Barron was to enroll at the high school as part of the class of 2024.

“We look forward to welcoming him into our school and community,” the school’s Director of Advancement Scott Siegfried said, as quoted by People.

On its website, the Oxbridge Academy writes that they’re “committed to providing both merit scholarships and generous financial aid in an effort to attract the most qualified students and to make Oxbridge financially feasible.”

The tuition to attend Oxbridge’s private school for the 2021-2022 year is $34,800, according to its website.

For Barron, this will surely be a new beginning. At the same time, it seems like there’s plenty to do on campus. According to The List, the school offers sports such as basketball, swimming, track & field, and golf. They even have a flight simulator at the school.

When it comes to education, Barron will also learn how to be a great friend. The school reportedly imparts lessons of kindness upon its students.

Meanwhile, what Melania Trump does during the days hasn’t been revealed. Of course, one look at her net worth makes it clear that she won’t have to work a full-time job any time soon.

Even so, she has plenty to think about, not least the fact that the Trump family have been heavily criticized following their leaving the White House, not only in the aftermath of the Capital Riot on January 6, but also regarding several other issues.

Now, a new book written by Stephanie Grisham, former senior aide and press secretary to Donald Trump, has revealed more details about the Trump presidency.

Grisham – who also worked in the First Lady’s office – gives plenty of new details about Donald Trump, Melania, and the rest of the Trump family in her memoir, I’ll Take Your Questions Now.

Grisham recalled one specific moment when Trump went absolutely mad at his wife.

On her way to a migrant housing facility in Texas, Melania had worn a jacket with the text “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?”

Grisham writes that she didn’t notice the message on Melania’s jacket. At the time, Trump and his administration were under heavy criticism due to their policy of separating migrant children from their family members.

Melania’s visit was seen as a good opportunity for the administration to form a better image of the issue. In the end, they actually abandoned the program.

When Melania came back from Texas, the President was furious. Donald Trump is said to have summoned his wife to the Oval Office and yelled at her over the wearing of the tasteless jacket.

“He yelled and asked “what the [expletive]” they thought they were doing,” Grisham wrote in her memoir, as reported by The Washington Post.

Melania later spoke about the jacket in an interview with CNN.

“It’s obvious I didn’t wear the jacket for the children,” she said. “I wore the jacket to go on the plane and off the plane. And it was for the people and for the left-wing media who are criticizing me.”

This is not the tidbit of gossip regarding Melania that Grisham dropped. As per her memoir, it also appeared that some of the staff working for the Secret Service in the White House didn’t quite like their First Lady’s approach to the job.

The First Lady’s office is located in the East Wing and is a part of the Executive Office of the President. However, it turns out that Melania wasn’t really happy with the place.

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