Grietje lived in Belgium with her beautiful white cockatoo, Marni. She was a bird lover and treated Marni like her family from the beginning. While she was pregnant, the adorable bird would always stay by her side.

Marni would sit on her enlarged stomach as though he was helping her portal the egg. He was interested about her pregnancy and would sit close to the baby den. He would lay on his back and hang tight for his everyday portion of tickles.

Be that as it may, this changed a piece after baby Rémi was born. The bird saw that the baby was likewise standing out and adore and accordingly turned out to be extremely jealous.

So Grietje got Marni involved when the baby dozed. Progressively, Marni understood that he ought not be jealous of the baby and turned out to be near him. The bird had now tracked down another companion in Rémi.

Grietje likewise brought a ton of parrot-themed toys with the goal that the baby became partial to the cockatoo. Moreover, she ensured that the baby knew how to treat Marni. Before long both of them became indivisible.

During the last occasion, Grietje, Marni and Rémi went on an undertaking outing to Switzerland. Grietje had wanted to visit a lot more nations later on. The baby even imparted his food to Marni.

Marni generally watched over Rémi like a senior kin. Marni and Rémi share a thoughtful bond now. Cockatoos can satisfy 80 years, and Grietje is happy that her baby has now got a companion for a lifetime and can live with Rémi one day.