Sydney and Logan Firkins are a happily married couple today. A few years ago, however, they were just High School students, who used to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

As we can imagine, the teens were excited about their prom and they couldn’t wait for the day they would take each other’s hand and enter the dance hall.

However, as prom day was approaching back in 2017, they decided to change their plans. They would not accompany each other at prom.

Instead, they would ask two special needs students to be their prom dates that night.

Sydney used to be a peer facilitator in the Life Skills class at Princeton High School, Indiana. And, during her visits, she had made a friend, Noah.

Noah Heichelbech, a student with special needs, caught Sydney’s attention from the very beginning with his beautiful personality and fun character. Over the years they kind of became best friends.

“Noah is just so caring and fun-loving, he says hi to everybody in the hallway,” Sydney told 14 News at the time. “He’s just a burst of energy. He’s like, my best friend. He’s the best.”

Because of his sociable and outgoing character, Sydney thought he would have so much fun at prom. She also knew that this was a unique opportunity for this special needs student to attend the event.

“I wanted it to be about them because, since it was their first time I want them to enjoy this fun night,” Sydney said. “Some kids like them, they don’t get to.”

So, after discussing with her boyfriend, they decided to go to prom with two special dates that year. Sydney would take Noah with her, while Logan would take another student at the Life Skills class, named Harley.
So, what came next were the two promposals.

Sydney, a softball player and cheerleader, took a softball and wrote a message on it. She gave it to Noah, and helped him read the message. The ball read: “Can I steal you for prom?”

Noah was extremely happy when he heard the question. He immediately answered, “Yes, you can!”
Logan made a more romantic promposal to his friend, Harley.

He brought her pink roses, her favorite flowers, and had a sweet message for her: “I’d be blooming happy if you said yes to prom.”

Of course, she said yes and the four teens spent a beautiful night together at prom.
As Noah told the news outlet, it is really heartwarming when people go above and beyond to make him happy.

“The fact that people care and want to include me in stuff like this -it just warms my heart,” he said.

Sydney also admitted that people approached her when her story came out, but she believed it was all about inclusion and understanding and it had nothing to do with her.

“I had a lot of people reach out to me and say its so heartwarming and more people need to be like that. But, it’s not about me. It’s about them and this experience they get to do.”

Find out the details of this touching story in the video below.