Denzel Washington is one of those performers who does not require an introduction. His accolades and ground-breaking films speak for themselves.

But his recognition and fortune did not come easily. Washington was reared by a strict and hardworking mom. His dad was a hard worker as well; he was a preacher with two churches, and his mother ran a beauty shop.

Sadly, Washington’s parents split when he was 14 years old, leaving him and his brothers to be reared by their mom, Lennis.

Nevertheless, Washington stated that, of the 3 kids his parents had, he was the one who caused the most trouble for his mom.

Following his parents’ divorce, Washington revolted and became connected with the wrong people. He admitted that one of his buddies was killed, another was imprisoned for 28 years, another for 20, and another for 12 years.

When his mom recognized her kid was on a dangerous path, she relocated him from Oklahoma to a private school in upstate New York.

This is where Washington turned a fresh page in his life, although it was not always easy. The actor said that he would still get into enough problems to be sent home, yet his mom would send him back until he perfected his act.

He excelled in athletics and was a member of a band. This is when Washington realized his passion for the arts and performing. But he does not think he would have achieved these things without the help of his beloved mother.

Washington said he was “throwing rocks at the institution,” but he never hit anyone. The “Man on Fire” actor will always remember his mother’s comments, “Son, you never know who is praying for you,” since he considers it a miracle that he did not wind up in prison like his pals.

When pressed what advice he would offer his 15-year-old self, he frequently chuckles in astonishment and exclaims, “listen to your mother!” as he does not know whether he would have the nice life he presently has without her.

Washington’s mom died in 2021 at the age of 97. When the actor appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” the presenter comforted him on his loss.

He was grateful that he and his siblings were able to spend so much time with their mom while she was still living. While addressing a mom’s affection, Colbert recalled Washington in one of his remarks “A mother is a son’s first love.”

“A son, especially that first son, is a mother’s last true love,” Washington continued. This came after Colbert asked the actor how he honors his mom and the love she provided his kids.

The actor revealed that he noticed his wife Pauletta is exceedingly soft on their eldest kid, John David Washington. He can’t do anything wrong, Washington remarked.

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