We work hard for our future.
Whatever hardships we deal with today are fine, as long as we know that our future is secure.

And by future, I am referring to that sweet moment of finally retiring and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

It may be a long way to go, but living a peaceful and comfortable life as you travel the world with your retirement fund is a great thing to look forward to.

Sadly, not everyone is blessed enough to have a comfortable retirement.
Some people don’t have the financial freedom they are dreaming of and are forced to work even beyond retirement just to make ends meet.

This sad reality is what Rory McCarty encountered while buying groceries at Walmart a few days before Christmas.
The TikToker from Maryland was in line to pay for his groceries when he saw an old man scanning the items at the cashier’s stand.

He was surprised to see such an elderly person to be working for the superstore.

Butch, 82 years old, is a Navy veteran who works for the establishment even though he is way past retirement age.

Luckily for him, he met Rory just before Christmas, not knowing that their meeting each other will bring a huge change in his life.

Rory, 53 years old, has a massive following in TikTok because of his bug extermination business.

He has been very active on TikTok which actually helped him in improving his business.

He gained a lot of clients because of people following his videos where he shares about creepy crawlies in people’s homes.

A few days before meeting Butch, Rory saw a clip on TikTok where young people use their influence to help old employees finally retire.
They raise funds online and provide them to the elderly to give them money for their retirement.

The trend inspired Rory to do the same. He looked for a person to help and that’s when he found Butch Marion.
“Went to Walmart. Got some batteries. Then boom, ran into Butch,” the Maryland TikToker said.

They got to know each other and Rory found out that Butch is a Navy veteran. He is also a father and a grandfather.

This is not the only thing that captured Rory’s heart about the elderly man’s story.
He heard from Butch that the old man used to work for General Motors but has already retired.

However, he had to go back to work to help with the expenses of taking care of his ex-wife’s husband.

When the man died, he had to continue working for his ex-wife who has also passed away.

Butch is one selfless man, and Rory knew he found the perfect person to help by using his online influence for a good reason.
Rory told Butch that he could raise money for him.

“Imagine if someone raised that kind of money for you,” he asked the old man.

“Woo!” Butch responded.

The Maryland TikToker opened a GoFundMe account for Butch.

On the third day, the page hit its goal and reached $100,000!
This makes Rory feel accomplished and Butch happy for he will finally have the time for himself and retire.

The elderly man was so joyous that he could not believe this was all happening to him.

“I mean, it’s just all a blessing. It’s a miracle. It’s a miracle Christmas, what can I say?” he shared in disbelief.

Check out the video below to learn more about this heartwarming story.