Music and the great outdoors can be quite a powerful combination. When artists join forces with mother nature, moods are elevated, life-purposes are confirmed, and hearts are uplifted. The Piano Guys were part of such a performance, featuring inspiring music and an unusual group of fellow artists back in 2015 when they covered Rachel Platten’s Fight Song in Scotland.

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An inspiring performance doesn’t need a beautiful background, but it helps. For this occasion, The Piano Guys chose the gorgeous Northern Highlands area of Scotland, according to their website. This region is filled with lush green forests, majestic mountains, and refreshing streams.

Such highlands were probably the site of many battles with the English over the centuries. As the trees grew to legendary heights, so did the Scottish fighting heritage. Perhaps The Piano Guys chose to invoke a similar fighting spirit during their performance of Rachel Platten’s Fight Song.

The video of this performance begins with nature, and it is soon followed by the sound of drums approaching. Perhaps this is meant to mimic a fighting army being called into battle. Even if it isn’t, the drums will grab your attention and keep you listening.

After it is clear that the music is here to stay, two of The Piano Guys play the song as a duet. Pianist Jon Schmidt and cellist Steven Sharp Nelson join the fray. The sweet song of the cello interplays with the piano’s delicate strains as both musicians perform on an island in the shadow of a Scottish castle.

As the two serenade the sky, the drums are still approaching in the distance. In fact, footage of the regiment crossing the bridge flashes across the screen as the music continues. Perhaps the two friends will soon be joined by other musicians.

Around the time the traveling musicians arrive, the cello breaks into Amazing Grace. This classic hymn tune turns up the spiritual energy. The forces of good have increased their numbers and are winning.

When the drummers crossed the bridge over to the island, they were not alone. The bagpipers with them are a glorious surprise element that coordinates well with the Scottish fight theme and dramatically increase the carrying power of the music. As everyone joins in the grand finale, the music reaches far into the Scottish Northern Highlands and even deeper into the soul.

Everyone has battles in life, and a performance like this can bolster the spirit by strengthening determination. In what ways do you think this performance showcases the fighting power of the community? Perhaps your life is a battleground right now. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and be sure to share this video with your friends!