Fred Stobaugh and his wife Lorraine lived a love story that lasted for 75 years. After she passed away, Fred wanted to do something to remember her by. The 96-year-old was inspired to write her a love song and took pen to paper and wrote a song he entitled “Sweet Lorraine”.

“She was the prettiest girl ya ever saw,” he recalls. “She gave me 75 years of her.”

When he heard about a local songwriting competition, he thought he would send a letter, not having a YouTube video to submit.

Jacob Colgan of Green Shoe Studio received the letter and was so moved by the song, that he decided to hire musicians and singers to record it.

Both Fred and Jacob were nervous to listen to the song together. “Because it meant so much to him it meant so much to me,” Jacob explains. “I was actually nervous.” Little did the pair know that the song would go on to be a huge viral hit!

See Fred and Lorraine’s beautiful story in the video below. Knowing their story makes the song all the sweeter.