A worried mother had heard rumors about her child’s teacher. Once they were confirmed, she knew she had to do something. She asked the teacher to step outside, and shortly, the tears were flowing.
Courtney Adeleye, the founder, and CEO of The Mane Choice hair care products, found out through the grapevine that her daughter’s teacher was struggling financially. The teacher was forced to use public transportation, adding hours to her already jam-packed day. Parents spoke with her husband and they came up with a solution to help.

They were going to purchase their daughter’s teacher a brand new car. While they knew this was a big purchase, they felt it was the right thing to do. They went and picked out a vehicle and strapped a bright blue bow to it. They wanted to make this the best surprise possible for the teacher. Courtney did wonder how the teacher would react. Would she be offended by the car?
Courtney approached the school with the keys to the new car in hand. She was nervous and excited! She knew she wanted to spread her wealth to others instead of spending it on something she didn’t really need. Courtney and her husband prepared to give this teacher the biggest surprise ever. Courtney had her daughter there to record it all.

The teacher gushed as Courtney handed over the keys. She broke down in tears. Courtney had not only purchased the car, but she had paid it off completely. The teacher would not have to worry about any future payments. Her daughter’s teacher cried tears of joy and hugged Courtney over and over. She could not believe Courtney had done this for her! She would no longer have to ride the bus or wait for a ride. She didn’t have to worry about waiting outside in the cold anymore.

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