A hopeful robber armed with a “big-a*s” gun entered a convenience store in Florida and let the clerk know he is from Chicago. It was then that the clerk did something that instantly changed the criminal’s mind.

Surveillance video footage of a failed armed robbery shows the importance of being adequately equipped for self-defense in every situation. In fact, sometimes having the right tools at your disposal is enough to deter crime without ever having to lift a finger, as one convenience store clerk proved.

Deputies say that 32-year-old Rakim Stephen Tate casually strolled into a quiet gas station in Florida with sinister intentions, WKRG reports. The security camera captured the suspect holding a shotgun close to his side as he entered, making a feeble attempt to conceal the weapon from outsiders while revealing his plan to the clerk.

Fortunately, the clerk had seen Tate heading toward the store holding the shotgun, so he had a few seconds to prepare. The clerk ran to the back of the store, returning just moments after the armed suspect walked through the door. Despite his calm demeanor, he was ready for the would-be robber.

Police confirmed that the clerk had run to the back of the store to retrieve his personal firearm before returning to the counter to confront the suspect. The clerk arrived to find Tate waiting for him in front of the register. However, once he saw the clerk’s gun pointed at him, his attitude instantly changed, Police Tribune reports.

“Alright, I see you, brother,” he told the clerk. “I don’t mean no harm, I’m just not from around here.”

Caught off-guard, Tate tries to de-escalate the situation. His tone softens and he appears regretful for having chosen that particular convenience store.

“I got a big-as motherfkin’ gun, but I’m not from around here is what I’m saying,” Tate replied. “I’m from Chicago bro.”

Tate nervously banters with the clerk, asking him what type of gun he’s up against. Ultimately, he decides that it would be unwise to stay in the store as the “big-a*s” gun at his side is no match for one already aimed at his chest. Tate slowly exits the store without another word and flees the area.

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office announced that Tate had been arrested in Santa Rosa County. He was charged with attempted robbery with a firearm and openly carrying a prohibited weapon. The Benelli shotgun he allegedly carried in the video was also recovered.

After Tate’s arrest, clips of the surveillance video circulated on the internet. The sheriff’s office cleverly pointed out that the would-be robber may not be “from around here,” but he’s certainly acquainted with the area now.

“You’re not in Chicago anymore,” the sheriff’s office wrote in response to Tate’s comment to the clerk. “You’re under arrest.”

The video serves as proof of how different a situation can go if civilians are properly armed and trained. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
Tate assumed that the bigger the gun, the better his advantage over his intended victim. Unbeknownst to him, it isn’t the size of the weapon but how you use it, and the clerk was well-prepared.