Henry Cavill graces the big screen as Superman in our day and age. But a long time ago, it was Christopher Reeve who played the Man of Steel.

Christopher Reeve might’ve played Superman, but he was no invulnerable superhuman himself.

The actor suffered his infamous equestrian injury in 1994.
It paralyzed most of his body, and the New York-born actor needed a wheelchair and ventilator for the rest of his life.

Reeve did get to work on films more in his life. He directed and acted in a few more films, then passed away in 2004.

He is remembered by his children, William, Matthew, and Alexandra Reeve.

Will Reeve recently paid tribute to his late father in a heartfelt article.

The 30-year-old actor reminisced on the brief time he had with his father. Christopher was already paralyzed when William was 3. William did admit that it was tough not being able to play catch or run outside with his dad.

“We never got to do a lot of stereotypical father-son stuff,” he said in his own words.

Will’s favorite animals are whales, thanks to an old NatGeo documentary that his father presented back in the day.

He recalls pulling out the VHS and being awe-struck by both the wildlife and the man presenting them. Who knew his dad was so cool? Though those days had long passed, and that man he watched on TV was now bound to a wheelchair.

When Will turned 12, his father passed away.
Childhood was rough for the Reeve children, but the sight of his father searching for Gray whales in Alaska left a lasting impression on young Will.

Now, as a grown man, Will was able to fulfill what he dreamt of as a child.

He owes it all to the amazing man that he called his father.

Despite the little time Christopher had with his children, he still gave it his all.

“My dad gave me everything: his love and attention, his values and passions,” said Will.

When 2021 came around, Will worked with GMA as he traveled to Resurrection Bay, Alaska.

There, he searched from a boat for any potential whales – perhaps he’d find a Gray whale like the one his father searched for all those years ago.

He didn’t find gray whales like the one his father searched for decades before. But he did find quite a few Orcas.
Christopher Reeve would have been 70 years old this year. Imagine if he could see young Will now and how much he’s accomplished.

Will wrote that he always wanted to be his father.
He grew up to realize that his father wouldn’t have wanted that.

Really, his dad would have wanted him to become his own man – and that’s what Will did.
Father’s Day always feels a bit empty to the 30-year-old Will.

“But I find peace and strength in the fact that the greatest gift I can give my dad is to keep him in my heart while I follow it wherever it leads me.”

No one will ever forget Reeve’s Superman. He was the face of Superman for a generation. Everyone remembers the iconic scene where he stops a bullet with his eye, or nearly gets exposed by Lois Lane.

Reeve’s legacy in film, and in his life, lives on strongly. Especially in his son.

Will’s been through quite the journey, and his thoughts on honoring his father and dealing with an incomplete childhood have been eye-opening.

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