Most of us find it hard to ignore an animal in need; it’s human nature to want to help. Some people’s pets started out as strays that they couldn’t let go hungry.

When Nancy Segula’s neighbor moved to a new house he left his cats behind and she couldn’t let them suffer so she started feeding them.

The self-confessed animal lover continued to feed these cats as well as any other stray kitties that showed up on her porch, despite it being against the law in her area to feed stray dogs and cats.

Now the 79-year-old from Garfield Heights, Ohio, has landed herself in county jail.

Nancy is a self-confessed cat lover/Fox8 Cleveland
“It began in 2017 with me feeding stray kitties. I used to have a neighbor that had a couple cats and he moved away so he left them,” she said, according to Fox8 Cleveland.

“I would always feed them and care for them because I was worried about them and I’m a cat lover. Once my neighbors got upset about it, they called the animal warden.”

It’s illegal to feed stray dogs and cats in Garfeld Heights and after neighbors reported her, she received her first court notice or citation in 2017.

The 79-year-old said her fourth notice required her to appear before a magistrate who sentenced her to 10 days in the Cuyahoga County Jail.

Nancy’s son Dave Pawlowski said he was shocked by the verdict.

“I couldn’t believe what my mother was telling me. She gets 10 days in the county jail, I couldn’t believe it,” he said, according to Fox8 Cleveland.

“I’m sure people hear about the things that happen downtown in that jail. And they are going to let my 79-year-old mother go there?”

Nancy was also shocked by her treatment.

“It’s too much of a sentence for me for what I’m doing. When there are so many people out there that do bad things,” she said.

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