This story is gruesome but one little girl’s heroism is anything but that.

After both of her parents passed away in a domestic dispute, a toddler managed to keep herself and her baby brother alive all on her own.

She’s a brave toddler indeed.

Police found two bodies dead in the house that the children lived in. These bodies were identified as their parents.

The father had taken the mother’s life before ending his own, which left two young children alone in the face of tragedy.

The neighbors grew concerned
They decided to take matters into their own hands.

At one point, neighbors had called the police in order to report gunshots.

At first, police didn’t find anything
While the police visited the property for a wellness check, they did not find anything suspicious, and it is unclear if they entered the house.

The police left, but the neighbors knew that there was an infant in the house. They had to make sure that the children were okay.

The neighbors entered the house and found the children, then they immediately pieced together that the children had been living alone in the wake of their parents’ deaths.

Thankfully, they were physically okay
When the children were found, they did not seem injured or unhealthy.

Miraculously, the police on the scene reported that the children seemed to be in good health. They were taken to a hospital for observation, just to make sure everything was okay.

Later, they were put in the custody of The Department of Children and Family Services.

She was only three years old.

Her brother was two months old.
Between the time that their parents died and were later discovered, the little girl managed to keep both herself and her little brother alive.

Most three-year old’s don’t even know how to take care of themselves, much less their younger siblings.

Although it is not yet known to the public how long exactly that the children were living on their own, reports say that it was “several days.”

Neighbors stepped up to help
While the police investigation was going on, neighbors helped out the children.

Once the children were discovered in their home, the neighbors took them in and fed them. Their neighbor, Tony Medina, recalls how scared and upset the little girl was.

He says that she kept crying for her mommy and that she had seen what had happened to her parents.

With that in mind, it’s amazing that she was able to attend to her and her baby brother’s survival needs while dealing with so much extreme trauma.

The police reiterated her bravery.
In a press conference, the Police Captain Maureen Ryan said:

“Our little angel was able to keep herself and her brother alive. The baby is a miracle baby, and the little girl is a hero. She’s an absolute hero.”

By the end of the press conference, Captain Ryan seemed to be welling up with tears thinking about what these children went through and what the little girl did to survive.

Fortunately, the children are safe now.

After the police discovered the children, they were put under the care of the Department of Children and Family Services.

There, they will be able to be placed in a household that is able to care for them and keep them safe.

This little girl is immensely brave, but she will no longer have to be in a situation that requires bravery. The police confirm that both children are “thriving”.