Puzzles are always interesting to solve and are liked by kids and adults alike. The popularity of puzzles is growing day by day on the Internet. 

This activity can be played either individually or among groups by children and adults. The main purpose of such challenges is to engage your mind and improve your observation skills.

When attempted individually, this can help you understand the extent of your observation skills and you can accordingly work on improving your observation skills, when it is attempted in groups it can be used to determine who is the fastest to spot all the differences.

Do you have good observation skills?

Then, attempt this challenge now.

Spot the Difference – Find 10 Differences in 19 Seconds


In the spot the difference challenge there will be two images placed side by side, although they may look similar, there are many differences between the two as the perspective shifts from the left to the right side of the image.

Solving these challenges requires good observational skills which can be developed with regular practice of such challenges.

In this image, we can see that a fox is standing in the jungle which is full of trees, small plants, and a river flowing along the forest floor.

The two similar images are placed side by side and have 10 differences between them. You have 19 seconds to find them all.

Set your stopwatch and get started with the solution. We will be providing the solution below, but do not refer to that till you have completed the challenge, otherwise, the whole exercise will prove to be futile.

Let’s see how many you can find within the time limit.

Give the challenge a fair attempt as it will be a good exercise for your brain.

If you manage to spot all the differences within the time limit, you possess excellent observation skills.

We hope by now you have exhausted your time limit and are curious to know about the solution.

Keep reading.

Spot the Difference – Solution

  1. The mouth of the fox is open.
  2. The tail of the fox is waving differently.
  3. An additional tree can be seen on the river bank in the opposite direction.
  4. The pattern of the tree trunk is different.
  5. The branch is covered with leaves in the right-sided image.
  6. An additional cloud layer is seen
  7. The tree has an extra branch
  8. There is a flower instead of pebbles.
  9. Additional grass is grown.
  10. The plant is missing.