One of the best days of your life. He’s there, in front of you, on his knees, asking you to marry him.

You say the coveted “yes”, and you kiss him under the moonlight.

In the months that follow, you, your better half, and your families and close friends start planning your big day.
And, as the wedding is approaching, you just feel so lucky to have met this person and so happy that you’ll be sharing the rest of your life together.

Until the day he tells you he’s not sure about the next step anymore.

An Oxnard, California, woman’s heart was shattered when, only days before the $35K wedding, she had to cancel everything because the groom got cold feet.

The woman’s heart may have been broken due to this, but she and her family decided to accept it with grace and turn this whole terrible experience into something positive.

The woman and her parents decided to seize this opportunity to make a difference.
Given that the wedding planning and the reception were non-refundable, they decided that the best thing to do would be to use the reception to feed homeless local people.

So, they didn’t actually cancel the reception.
On the day the wedding was scheduled, the place they had chosen to celebrate the big day with friends and family opened its doors and made many people happy. People who really needed it.

At the event, the local homeless people with their families were served some really good, warm food something they very rarely have the chance to taste.

“They served some mango tacos- they were really good,” a homeless woman who had dinner there with her two children told KCRA News.

The 4-star feast that was originally purchased for wedding guests also consisted of appetizers, salmon, steak, and more.

The family of the bride had already spent thousands for the reception at a Sacramento hotel, and they knew that they had to go through with it.

At the same time, their act of generosity made a big difference for these poor people.

As the mother of the bride explained, the Monday before the wedding they found out it would not be taking place.

At that very moment, they knew they had to do this to give back. And they did.

That day, 150 homeless people, including babies and children, were served delicious, gourmet food, and they’ll never forget it.

Sadly, this woman’s wedding was among 20% of weddings that get canceled “before the wedding day and well after planning and monetary deposits have already been made,” as The Sena Group- Insurance Services explains on their website.

As explained on the website, it is a wise move to go for wedding insurance, while “change of heart insurance” has also been available since 2007. Still, many people ignore its existence.

Of course, in order to be reimbursed for a canceled wedding because one of the spouses-to-be gets cold feet some criteria need to be met, including cancelation one year before the scheduled wedding day.

When it comes to the honeymoon that had already been booked? Well, the bride and her mom enjoyed it together instead!

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