Prophetic Broadcast from 1965 by Paul Harvey: A Stark Warning to America

In 1965, renowned radio commentator Paul Harvey delivered a broadcast that holds an eerie prophetic quality when viewed through the lens of current times. With a weekly audience of almost 24 million people for nearly four decades, Harvey’s insights carried weight and significance. His words, spoken over fifty years ago, now resonate as a startling reality check.

The Voice of Prophecy

Paul Harvey’s forecast began with the intriguing phrase: “If I were the Devil…” This commentary took a sobering look at various societal issues, many of which have come to fruition in our present day. Harvey’s words continue to send shivers down spines as they mirror the unsettling events that have transpired.

Harvey’s address assumed the perspective of the Prince of Darkness, discussing his hypothetical strategy for ensnaring the world. His gripping narrative captured the attention of his listeners as he laid bare the tactics the Devil might employ. It’s intriguing to witness how the scenarios he outlined have, in many ways, turned into harsh realities over the ensuing decades.

Sowing Discord and Confusion

The broadcast touched on various facets of life, addressing both individuals and society as a whole. Harvey delved into the realm of deception, imagining the Devil’s whispers seducing the young with skepticism about the Bible and religion. He also predicted the undermining of traditional values, fostering the belief that “what is bad is good and what is good is square.”

Undermining the Moral Fabric

Harvey’s chilling discourse extended to other spheres, including family, education, and governance. He proposed the insertion of atheist perspectives into the judicial system, with flattery and manipulation erasing the presence of God from the very institutions that shape society’s ethical foundations.

He also cautioned against the substitution of psychology for religion, a shift that would ultimately blur the lines between science and spirituality. The erasure of traditional symbols, such as turning the Easter symbol into an egg and Christmas into a bottle, emphasized his apprehensions regarding the dilution of core values.

A Call to Reflect

As Harvey’s voice resounds across the decades, listeners are invited to reflect on the path society has taken. The eerily accurate predictions he articulated more than fifty years ago stand as a stark reminder of the need to navigate a cautious course. His words compel us to consider the implications of our choices in the present and the future.

Final Thoughts

Paul Harvey’s thought-provoking broadcast not only serves as a time capsule but also as a cautionary tale. It’s a poignant reminder that society must continually assess its values and direction to avoid the pitfalls that can lead to its own undoing. Harvey’s words may have been spoken in a different era, but their resonance is uncannily relevant today.

If you’re curious to hear his prophetic words for yourself, we invite you to watch the video below. Harvey’s insights, given over five decades ago, will undoubtedly make you ponder the trajectory of society and the impact of our collective choices.